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Our Clinical Team

Babyl has recruited some of Rwanda’s most talented doctors licensed by the Rwanda Medical Council – forward thinkers who embrace the revolutionary digital health services. They have been selected individually for their affability and ability to learn, and all medical personnel are compliant with babyl health’s continuous improvement systems, and exceptional service standards.

Dr. Jules Mukeshimana, Deputy Medical Director

Dr. Jules is a GP with extensive clinical experience. He has worked both in hospitals and private clinics before joining Babyl as a staff doctor. In 2018, Jules became our Deputy Medical Director because of his proven commitment to digital health and to ensuring the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.

Grace Mbabazi, Rn, Head of Nursing

Grace has extensive experience working in various clinical environments, including surgical wards, internal medicine, pediatrics, and emergency departments. She is very passionate about working with Babyl and bringing change to the Rwandan healthcare system. Grace oversees Babyl’s triage services and was also a founding member of the Babyl team in Rwanda.

Dr. Darlene Bigirumwani, Staff Doctor

Darlene joined Babyl on a permanent position in 2018 to help continue to ensure the highest quality standards of our GP practice. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Medicine. She has worked at Kibagabaga District Hospital as a General practitioner, and was focused on maternal-fetal health. Then she discovered digital health care through Babyl, and was excited by the mission of extending this affordable and easy way of delivering health care.

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